Sunday, December 12, 2010

A new year on the horizon

So This is the begining of my step into the unknown 2011, I am starting this blog to share the works I am going to be doing over the next year as I start back into the world of art and creativity. I lost my way after Hurricane Ike hit us and I lost alot of my original pieces along with all my art prints. So I spent two years morning the loss and did not pick up a pencil, pen or paintbrush and figured out I cheated myself out of those years. So slowly I am creeping back into the mix of my creativity by working through the artist way boo and cleaning house on the toxic things and people in my life. So from the ashes the artist emerges and thus a new chapter begins. I am currently working on a new collection called Toxic Fairy Land, I think this is my way of letting go of all the negitive forces around me and I am doing what I love most FAIRIES! I also have been playing around with digital art and am planning to put out a book of my images next year. I appologise to my fans who wondered what ever happened to me, I am back and next year I will rise up once again with the art I so long to do again. I will also be doing a few art shows including comicpalooza here in Houston and a few other small shows to get my feet wet again, I will announce them here as well as share my art with you.
For now I wish all of you a happy and safe Holiday and thank you all for your support!

Bright Blessings
Lee Anne Seed