Friday, February 6, 2015


So some of you may not know it but in addition to doing illustration work. IAlso I started working at the YMCA in Katy Texas last year in April, and over the past year I have discovered how much good this institution does for the community. All the workers donate a percentage of their pay check to the YMCA's annual campaign and we do it gladly. Working in Membership Services I see where this money the families who are struck by hard times, those who cannot afford to send their children to camp or need after school care for their children while they work. Or provide a safe place for older adults to find new friends. All the funds they raise through their annual campaign is through donations from workers, members, and people like you. So I want to do something to help their fund raising efforts so I have decided to raffle off one of my original art pieces. The piece below will be raffled off and 100% of the funds donated will go to the Katy Family YMCA Annual Campaigne. So from today February 6th until March 15th I will be asking anyone and everyone to make a donation to the fund and for every dollar donated you get an entry for a chance to win the piece below (It is worth $1500)....not to mention you are doing alot of good for families that come to the YMCA for help. 

If you have people who like art or would like to support a good cause they can donate by going to

Thank you for your help and happy crafting everyone!
Leanne Seed