Thursday, February 24, 2011

New Mini Works by moi!

Hello everyone!

I just finished a set of Artist trading cards and wanted to share them with you. I am loveing doing the mini pieces of art and think I am going to turn out a few little originals to sell on my etsy site. please feel free to visit the site at
Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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  1. These are so stunning, I think the third one is my favourite because of the sense of movement and joy I see there.

    I am one of those tagger types that used to use your online permission from your old site to make stationery and tags with links to your art. I would love to do this again and point people to your blog which would hopefully bring new fans as well as existing ones. Sorry that I could not write to you privately but I am unable to locate your email address. I am just overjoyed though that I found you again regardless of whether you give me permission or not, it is a joy to be able to see your new art :)